also advertised by the owner Milan Vacek as www.AlohaPalace.com
118 Kekaha Place, Hawaii Kai - Triangle, Honolulu, 96825, HAWAII, USA
Milan F. Vacek, owner. Transient Accommodations New Hawaii Tax ID:  TA-097-116-5696-01 .  General Excise Tax New Hawaii Tax ID: GE-097-116-5696-01.
First Available Month Which Is Not Already Rented-Out is May 2017, beginning with Check-in on May 1, 2017
 but please be aware that there is a SuperLastMinute Discounted Rental Rate on May 2017 so Hurry Call NOW!
The only other calendar months which are still available for rent in 2017 are October and December 2017, Hurry!

This is the view of the KokoKaiThaiPalace that you will see when you will be driving up to it with your rental cars.
Click HERE to see the up-to-date Reservations calendar which appears always up to date on www.HomeAway.com
under property ID # 939401
. Now that HomeAway no longer allows any of the homeowners advertising on it any
premium subscription levels and the only or at least the primary criterium as to what the position in the search engine
on HomeAway is the percentage of booking requests which successfully become confirmed rentals, the owner of the
KokoKaiThaiPalace.com (AKA www.AlohaPalace.com which is one of the many domain-aliases),
which help the owner Milan make the presentation of his home as being available for rent more visible on the internet
in a natural "organic" way, simply by having chosen well the domain names which he has pointed as domain-aliases
to the main web presentation at this website www.KokoKaiThaiPalace.com

A very unique home with amazing views, located only ten minutes' walk from the pristine sandy beach
and snorkeling over live coral heads with friendly protected fish at the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve!
Available to the renters are 5 legal definition bedrooms and several additional "bonus" sleeping rooms
for a total sleeping capacity in comfort of up to 20 adults, and 6 bathrooms, a pool and jacuzzi, interior
fountain with KOI fish, elevator servicing all three floors, and a separate Guest Cottage. The Palace is
the highest located home in the exclusively residential "Triangle" neighborhood with the best views,
and has a fantastic hiking trail from the backyard to the extinct volcano wall that forms Hanauma Bay.
The Palace was built by Zen Buddhists using rare hardwoods and marble imported from Thailand.


To get the above photo you would have to hire a helicopter or a crane, because all the neighboring houses are much lower! Total Privacy!!!

Milan Frank Vacek, owner.  Rental Home is located at:  118 Kekaha Place, Honolulu 96825, Hawaii USA
Transient Accommodations New Hawaii Tax ID:  TA-097-116-5696-01 . 
General Excise Tax New Hawaii Tax ID: GE-097-116-5696-01.

If you are interested in renting the KokoKaiThaiPalace
(also advertised by the owner Milan Vacek as www.AlohaPalace.com ) .....
be sure to first download the 30-page Guide for Renters that the owner Milan Vacek
as had to write in order to fully explain just why and how he rents the Aloha Palace
the way that he has to, and he will now try to do a better job to keep the version of
this Guide always fully updated even on his own website. ALOHA from Honolulu, Milan :-

KokoKaiThaiPalace.com  aka AlohaPalace.com

Guide for Renters

KokoKaiThaiPalace.com Super Last Minute DEAL
Rentals in May 2017, SuperLastMinute DEALS - Call NOW!

Drone photos above courtesy of Paul Javier, Green Realty, received September 2016.


KokoKaiThaiPalace.comm  aka AlohaPalace.com

Guide for Renters

KokoKaiThaiPalace.com Super Last Minute DEAL
Rentals in May 2017, SuperLastMinute DEALS - Call NOW!

Super Last Minute Calculations Of Rental Rates for Rentals in May 2017  -  Hurry --

Priority Given Usually To Rental Requests For Longest Possible Physical Occupancy.

"Nightly" Rental Rate is only valid for rentals with a physical occupancy longer than 14 nights.
On shorter physical occupancy rentals such as 7+ nights the nightly rate is $1,000.00 USD + Taxes.

Super Last Minute May 2017 Monthly Rate $9,999.00 USD is subject to
TA Tax 9.25% and GE Tax 4.712%,  altogether 13.962%, for a total Rental Cost: 11,395.06 USD.
Regardless for which length of time of physical occupancy you rent the KokoKaiThaiPalace for
the utilities are included, there is no charge for additional members of the group so long as there
are not more than 22 persons being accommodated at teh house at any one time, and the
parking both on and off the premises is of course always free.

Payment for a rental term being offered on a Super Last Minute Basis is usually required
to be made in full at the time of booking, unless other arrangements are authorized by the owner.


KokoKaiThaiPalace.com - Model Rental Agreement  -  Updated on February-23, 2017

 If you are going to book and pay for the rental
of the KokoKaiThaiPalace (aka AlohaPalace.com)  through the www.HomeAway.com portal
you should be aware that the "conversations" communications medium within the
HomeAway online program does not relay such messages to the homeowners such as myself
immediately but only after they have been read and censored (or call it "redacted" as the politicians do ....)
to remove all e-mail addresses and website URL addresses and any other forbidden contacts
and references to the homeowner and the rental house property and anything deemed
objectionable to HomeAway, sometimes it takes only a few minutes but it
could take longer, so take advantage of having all the owner`s contacts right here in
one place and do not hesitate a minute and just call him now, and if you are calling from
some foreign country, no problem with the tolling carges because the owner Milan has
a special telephone line on which he can call just about any number cell phone or landline
in just about any country in the world for only one US penny a minute, the only downside
is that to make the communication so cheap Oceanic Time Warner Cable uses some sort
of IP-telephonu internet telephone lines or something like that and if you are not in the USA
then when the owner calls you back it will look as if he is calling from one of the countries
in Europe, most recently a Spanish telephone prefix, that is something that Milan will try
to get Oceani TWC to change and allow the true correct phone number to show up on
the caller ID.  Milan can also call you back using Skype on his laptop PC orhis i-phone
and then the caller ID you will see will always be his US cellphone number
Milan Vacek Cellphone:  +1
(818) 434 - 5633
which you are welcome and should call literally anytime 24/7.

If your vacation or perhaps business trip schedule is not flexible enough to allow for you
or members of your family and friends and your business associates who might all be
able to take advantage of  the above Super Last Minute Special just because perhaps
you do not even have seven nights free time to spend on a vacation or quick business
trip to Hawaii, no worries, because this truly is a Super Last Minute Special Offer the
owner Milan Vacek will even consider requests for a rental for a physical stay for a little bit
shorter time so please do not hesitate and contact the owner Milan Vacek immediately
24/7 and if Milan happens to be snorkeling or sleeping no worries, please just leave
a voicemail or text message on his cellphone +1 818 434 5633 and he will call you back
as soon as he can and do his best to accommodate your needs,
but just to be sure please keep trying to call Milan Vacek
both on the above cell-phone number (818) 434 - 5633,
but also on his private land line at the AlohaPalace: (808) 200 - 2766.

 Download the Owner`s 30-page GUIDE FOR RENTERS 

The first available rental date next year is May 1, 2017.
In the above Guide for Renters which  is continuously updated to show which calendar months are still available
and what the "rental rates" are you can read how and why the owner Milan Vacek rents the KokoKaiThaiPalace
the way he does ! 
 Incidentally, if you make a booking inquiry or request a reservation of the KokoKaiThaiPalace
through the HomeAway portal or its many other subsidiary accommodations portals including  VRBO and
VacationRentals or the many foreign language portals which are also "cloned" by HomeAway
 you will automatically whether you actually notice it or not be agreeing to pay to HomeAway or perhaps now
directly to Expedia.com which recently bought out HomeAway and its many subsidiary portals a "Service Fee"
which in most cases is $399.00 USD (or less) per confirmed booking whether you use the HomeAway credit
card processing services or not (even if for example you make a bank transfer from your bank to the owner`s
account at the Bank of Hawaii, or send a check either a bank check or a personal check, regardless how you
pay for your vacation and whether you might have already previously found the owner`s presentation
of his home for rent on his own website or some other unrelated portal, if you end up confirming your reservation
HomeAway is probably going  to bill you for the Service Fee, and the entire service fee goes to HomeAway.
You are always welcome to book your rental of the Palace through the HomeAway payment portal but
please be aware that the Service Fee is paid by the renters to HomeAway, the owner does not get any
part of it and it is the renter who is responsible for paying it, if they booked and paid for their vacation
through the HomeAway portal
      You can always contact the owner who incidentally just recently became
accredited to be able to accept payments by credit card directly from rentersand it possible for the owner
to accept even American Express Credit Cards in addition to VISA and Mastercard .

Video "WalkThrough KokoKaiThaiPalace" Now Available For Viewing Here!

The owner Milan Vacek  is back in Honolulu and can be reached on his USA cell-phone during
the daylight hours, or depending on what time zone you are in and it is not daytime in Honolulu y
ou can at any particular time simply send Milan an SMS TEXT message and Milan will contact you
as quickly as he can, receiving a TEXT message will not wake him up so please do not hesitate
to TEXT anytime 24/7, perhaps immediately now, what are you waiting for,
text an SMS to his USA cell number:

+ 1 - 818 - 434-5633

and Milan will probably call you back from his private
land-line +1 808 200 2766
or from his cell-phone +1 (818) - 434 - 5633.

This is the view that will greet you as you drive up to the              Hanauma Bay Hi-Resolution Photo   - click to enlarge!
top of the Kekaha Place cull de sac in the Triangle area
of Hawaii Kai from the intersection of Poipu Drive.

Custom designed home is nestled in a quite cul de sac in Koko Kai. 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths, and 2 half baths, with two additional areas -
the "mezzanine" room and the "TV-room" which are not entirely enclosed (yet) so they cannot be called bedrooms as such but are
roomy and have very high quality Italian convertible foutons for comfortable sleeping for large groups of altogether 15 persons (that's for the
entire house including the guest house of course), with beautiful wrap around views from almost every room.
    You will enjoy the amazing views of the sunset over Diamond Head, ocean and surf views by day and City lights at night. Bonus views
of the mountain and marina too! Custom finishes include exotic hard woods, granite & marbles through out. Can you see the resemblance
in the above photo of the main-house architectural design to that of  Noa's Arc?  The photo above incidentally, which must have been taken
from a helicopter or some tall ladder because this home is way above all the other homes in the area so that it affords total privacy
and no one will ever be able to look inside the windows or see whether your and your guests are wearing swimsuits in the very private
swimming pool and jacuzzi area.
    This property has a great floor plan for a large family. Includes separate guest suite, separate office, swimming pool and Jacuzzi,
Indoor & outdoor entertainment space, extra family/TV room, plus 3+ parking with gated entry. Ideally located close to Hanaumana Bay
which incredible as it sounds is located right over the ridge of the extinct volcano, you can walk there in 5 minutes from this home so you
don't need a car to go swimming and snorkeling in world-famous Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve where every creature including the very
friendly and docile tropical fish, plentiful green turtles and even the live coral is protected and the general public and tourists have to watch
a movie about the ecology and conservation efforts to preserve the natural wonders of this bay before they can even go swimming in it,
and also within walking distance to 3 shopping centers and fine dining and casual restaurants, gym and theater!  Public transportation -
Bus stop located at entrance to Hanauma Bay so you can go all around the Island of OAHU if you wish for just the one $ 2-00 bus ticket!


Please download the .pdf document
 "KokoKaiThaiPalace---Photos-Calendar-and-Rates"                    " .doc version
which will be available updated at this link, with up to date information about when the Palace is available for rent
and a detailed explanation of how and why the owner Milan Vacek rents the Palace the way that he does, just click above link!    

Substantial discounts on additional days beyond the usual two-week minumum rental are reflected in the low monthly rate.
This villa is in the exclusive Hawaii Kai Triangle/Portlock residential area where by law homes cannot be rented
more than once in any 30-day period, and given the economics of owning and maintaining in top condition of
such a magnificent home it is simply not possible to rent it for less than one week, and reservation requests for
rentals of a month or longer will be given priority over requests for shorter rentals.  Of course there can
be exceptions under special circumstances such as last minute opportunities so please do ask us, you never know!

  Honolulu Time
Milan F. Vacek, owner. Transient Accommodations New Hawaii Tax ID:  TA-097-116-5696-01 .  General Excise Tax New Hawaii Tax ID: GE-097-116-5696-01.

Please be sure to contact directly the Owner of the KokoKaiThaiPalace villa :  Milan Vacek
milan@vacek.cz   No agent is authorized to accept reservations at the present time.
Cooperation with vacation and long-term rental agencies may be possible hower, please inquire.
 To see the latest most up-to-date information as concerns the reservations
calendar and rates and other information please see the presentation of this home on the

.HomeAway.com portal where it is listed directly by the owner under the
ID #: 939401  and if you book your vacation
through the portal so long as you pay by e-check of bank transfer the owner does not have to
pay any fees or commissions and so there is no problem from the owner`s standpoint should
you decide to book through the www.HomeAway.com vacantion rental accommodations portal,
HOWEVER what has changed since February 2016 and this is very important from the renter`s
point of view is that Expedia bought out HomeAway or in any case HomeAway with all its
cloned subsidiary portals became a subsidiary  of Expedia and has instituted a "Service Fee"
which they charge the renters who have requested a rental reservation or perhaps may have
merely inquired through the HomeAway portal or any of its` many subsidiaries or submitted
a reservation request and so if such a potential renter does actually confirm their vacation
HomeAway has probably already obtained from the renters some sort of digital agreement
to pay a "Service Fee" which usually is $399.00 and is invoiced by HomeAway directly to the
renter, Milan Vacek does not get any portion of the service fee whatsoever.

Milan has therefore put together the .pdf format  Guide for Renters which currently has
27-pages of specific detailed information about the KokoKaiThaiPalace to help you decide
whether, how and when to rent it, in fact some of the pages are calendar pages to help you plan.

Contact the owner Milan Vacek directly at:
+1 818 434 5633 (cell-phone)
Do not worry about the time because or day of week,
if the owner is sleeping he will have the i-phone in the "silent" mode
and you will be able to leave a voice-mail message, and if you do not reach him on the land-line
on which there is no message recorder you can simply try to call him another time.

In case you are wondering the photo of Milan in the "business card" above was taken at
Hanauma Bay just before sunset in  May 2016.  If you rent the Palace ask MIlan to take you on a hike
to the top of the extinct volcano wall that separates the AlohaPalace from Hanauma Bay up the
dry creek bed directly from the back-yard of the Palace, you will be absolutely amazed by the view!

The Master Bedroom on the Third Floor of the main house, accessible both by interior staircase
and the roomy commercial-quality elevator.  Besides the "sleigh"-design California King - size bed
with the best quality Tempur-Pedic Mattress, there is now in the ante-room which is just about from
where this photo was taken also a Queen-size bed to make the Master Bedroom even more family-friendly
so that parents can have their small kids or very elderly parents close-by to keep an eye on them,
but there are so many other bedrooms and sleeping areas that if your group is not so numerous you
can use the Queen size bed just to romp on or sleep on if one of the lucky couple happens to snore :-)

Accommodations Furnishings Update:

The KokoKaiThaiPalace now has not only an Eastern King Size bed
in the separate Guest Cottage and a California king size Tempur-pedic bed in the Master
bedroom but newly also has three (3) new California King Size beds in bedrooms # 1, 2, and 3,
and also has a Queen size bed as a second bed in the roomy Master Bedroom, 4 steps
below and behind the California King Size "Sleigh" bed,
and there is a Queen size bed in the "TV Room" and a Queen size bed in the "Mezzannine Room",
as well as an Eastern-King-size bed (made up of two very high-quality folding futon sofa-beds
topped by a quality memory foam mattress pad newly located in the downstairs entertainment
area, as well as a comfortable folding futon-bed also in the downstairs entertainment area,
and three Italian very comfortable futon sofa-beds in the "TV Room".   If you do the math correctly
it should add up to comfortable sleeping accommodations for twenty two adults, not that the owner
necessarily wants to rent his house to such large crowds all the time but if you are a well-behaved
group, non-smokers, and will take good care of the house and not make too much noise especially
after the very strict 10PM noise curfew, you could even bring along a couple of kids, and still not pay
any surcharge as long as there are not more than about 20 persons accommodated at the house
at any one time, now is that for a bargain!

Download the Owner`s 30-page GUIDE FOR RENTERS 

Milan F. Vacek, owner. Transient Accommodations New Hawaii Tax ID:  TA-097-116-5696-01 .  General Excise Tax New Hawaii Tax ID: GE-097-116-5696-01.

Actually, the view of the Reservations Calendar on HomeAway.com that you will get when you click on the above link
is quite confusing,
and now that I have just checked the "link" it does not work at all so I have at least temporarily deleted the link

and please simply have a look at the always kept up to date reservations calendar on the downloadable
28-page Guide for renters
that MIlan has compiled for you which is in the easy to read and easy to print, .PDF format.
lease keep in mind that once my house is rented for any number of days or weeks in any given calendar month it cannot be
rented again that same calendar month to anyone else, and you will have to try to rent it in some other calendar month
which is still available and does not show any days as being "reserved".

The owner Milan Vacek is now accepting reservations directly, not through any property
management agency, and is advertising on www.HomeAway.com  under property ID: 939401
but please be aware that in conjunction with Expedia.com having purchased HomeAway.com 
including all the many other portals such as VRBO and VacationRentals.com
they are now charging the renters a usually  "Service Fee" up to $399.00 if you
attempt to book or inquire about any vacation rental home on any of their portals and then
end up actually reserving the rental property.  If the bulk of the confirmed rentals are not
confirmed through those portals then the advertised property gets put back in the search
results to the point where most potential renters will probably not find it at all.

therefore Milan Vacek has also begun advertising on the www.TripAdvisor.com and
related portals such as www.FlipKey.com but there the IT experts misunderstood
the information submitted when they created the presentation of the ALOHAPalace
and prevent you from getting even a quote for any dates shorter than 31 nights which
is nonsensical but what can I do when it is the weekend and their IT experts who could
fix it are all gone for the weekend, so the only information you can really trust is the
28-page "Guide for Renters" which the owner has compiled himself
is available freely to download from this the
owner`s own website which he made himself which explains why it is so "simple".

The KokoKaiThaiPalace.com (aka AlohaPalace.com) is being rented by the
calendar month for minimum rental terms of at least 30 days which is the minimum
rental permissible under the local zoning laws in Honolulu county for any home or
other rental in residential areas of Honolulu which does not happen to be
"grand fathered" into the previously available bed and breakfast exception, but
no exceptions like that have been granted for about thirty years.
The KokoKaiThaiPalace.com is rented out for each of the follosing many months
up to and including the month of April 2017, so there is no point in your inquiring
about the possibility of renting the Palace for any length of time of physical occupancy
unless of course there might happen to be a cancellation.  Cancellations do not
occur very frequently but they are always a possibility so of course you are welcome
to have your required dates put on a waiting list and if a cancellation should occur
you will be the first interested renter whom the owner Milan Vacek will contact, unless
of course you only wanted to pay for just a week or two of physical occupancy during
your minimum 30-day rental and there should be some reservation request for a
physical stay of the entire calendar month or a substantially greater number of nights
of actual physical occupancy (which is what the renters pay for) in which case the
longer reservations request will usually win, so you may want to think about that when
you have your request placed on the waiting list, and think especially of all your family
members and remote family members and your friends and their friends whom you may
want to bring along on your vacation and what time frames of actual physical occupancy
work out best for them and then you might just find out that you really do want to occupy
the Palace physically for the entire calendar month and that will give you the lowest
effective rental rate per night and give the owner Milan the largest overall rental
for the month and everybody is better off when you rent for the entire calendar month!

You can make reservations to rent the AlohaPalace beginning on May 1, 2017,
every other possible rental period in-between now and May 1, 2017
is already booked and thus unavailable, and the owner is writing this on November 8, 2016,
 just in case there should be any unforseen cancellations after this
point in time which is the only way that any rental dates could become available.


The following URL is the link to a professionally filmed
"Video Walk Through" of the



If you are interested in renting the KokoKaiThaiPalace
(also advertised by the owner Milan Vacek as www.AlohaPalace.com )

Download the Owner`s 30-page GUIDE FOR RENTERS 

New Video "WalkThrough KokoKaiThaiPalace" Now Available For Viewing Here!

Reserve your vacation or long-term rental now to get the best choice of the dates ideally suited to your plans and 

Here are a few photos of the magnificent KokoKaiThaiPalace.com,

accessible also under the easier to remember domain-alias  www.AlohaPalace.com

here is a link to a .pdf  One-page compendium of photos of the house mostly from the exterior
of the house

Front entry with fountain, ... and newly also with friendly KOI fish!                           Downstairs Entertainment Area

Rear Entertainment Area   -   "TV-Room"                                                                    Rear Bathroom and Shower

Dining Area                                                                                                                Main Living Room

Kitchen, with sliding-door to swimming pool and jacuzzi to left                        Master Bedroom on Third Floor accessible also by Elevator

Master Bathroom with Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tub with a View!                              Carved Wooden Covered Walkway from Main House to Cottage

SaltWater Pool and Jacuzzi, Purified by Oxygen & UV-Light, No Chlorine!                Bedroom of Separate-Entry Studio Guest Cottage

Bedroom in Separate-Entrance Studio Guest Cottage.                                           View from Living Room

View of Hawaii Kai and Marina, Costco & Shopping Centers                                  View from Master Bedroom

Bedroom # 1 on main floor                                                                                  Bedroom # 2 on main floor

Bedroom # 3 on main floor                                                                              Bonus  Sleeping Area and Bathroom on Mezzanine     

The following photos were taken more recently,mostly in May 2016, not by a professional photographer but using
a fairly good digital SLR camera:

Third Floor Master Bedroom with the California King Size Tempurpedic bed and VIEW.       Bathroom vanity on right.

Anteroom of the Master Bedroom with it`s newly added Queen bed.       VIEW from Master Bedroom Balcony of Cottage on Left, Kitchen on right

Guest Cottage where Bruno Mars stayed Christmas 2011      Four-Poster Wooden Eastern King Bed in Cottage

View from Cottage of Maunalua Bay and Diamond Head       Eastern King Bed in Downstairs Can Become 2 Sofas!

Bedrooms #1, #2, and #3 all have Calif.King and terrific VIEWS.      Nearby Sherwood Forest Beach in Waimanalo, #1 Best in USA




The following link  is the direct  link to the RESERVATIONS CALENDAR
as maintained up to date by the owner Milan Vacek on HomeAway.com:
Download the Owner`s 30-page GUIDE FOR RENTERS 

The owner Milan Vacek is now accepting reservations directly,
not through any agency.

If you are interested in renting the KokoKaiThaiPalace
(also advertised by the owner Milan Vacek as www.AlohaPalace.com )

Please be sure to ...
Download the Owner`s 30-page GUIDE FOR RENTERS 

New Video "WalkThrough KokoKaiThaiPalace" Now Available For Viewing Here!

Please Note:  on the HomeAway.com portal under property ID 939401 in my presentation of my house I have just updated
practically all 24 of the photos of my house that are presented there (except for the exterior photo of my house showing it
as resembling a Noah`s Arc, I did not want to spend money on hiring a crane or a  helicopter just because the old photo is
not in Full HD Resolution.  The photos on HomeAway were however taken without the use of proper lighting and so I will
soon retake the photos with a strobe which makes everything much more easy to see with the contrast in the amount
of daylight coming through the windows there is just too much contrast in the lighting when the photos are taken without a strobe.
But you do not necessarily have to go looking for the newer photos on other websites, I have now added most of them to this
my own website, but I have yet to take the type of photos with auxillary lighting that I am looking forward to taking, but when
I do the photos will of course be added to this website. I did however already add NEW AERIAL PHOTOS
that were taken by a real-estate broker who is newly licensed to fly "drones" with a very high quality camera, Paul Javier
of Green Realty, so I hope you will enjoy looking at the five new aerial drone photos that are now on this website. :-)

The owner Milan Vacek has just taken some new photos of Hanauma Bay and the very nearby
Koko Head  Volcano made so popular by the World War II - era railroad track on which hikers (visitors)
climb up and down to the top of the crater at all times of the day or night, but in reality the short
and relatively easy hike directly from the backyard of the KokoKai Thai Palace is probably easier
and certainly more rewarding because it gets you to directly atop the Hanauma Bay without having
to drive or walk anywhere else and so you may find that you will want to make this hike every day,
perhaps as a morning ritual, and you will love it even more with each hike, it is that beautiful!

It is really refreshingly cool at the top of the extinct volcano, with the brisk trade winds blowing!

Diving with green Turtles                 Hanauma Bay  -  From the Hikers' Trail On Volcano Rim     Enjoying the View from the Ground-Floor Lounge
World Famous HANAUMA BAY NATURE PRESERVE                   View of the Villa from the Meditation Gazebo, photo from August 2010.
Ground-Floor Entry Foyer with Fountain and Marble Floors                          Salt-Water Pool and Jacuzzi With Infinity/WaterFall, No Chlorine
Ante-Chamber of the Third-Floor Master Bedroom                        Kitchen, with pool and jacuzzi and guest cottage in rear

The "TV" - Enterteinment  Room                                                        Main Living Room on Second Floor of Main House

Main house, Master Bedroom, and Cottage. Jacuzzi' Solar Heated Water spilling into Pool    Pool-side Entertainment Area, under the Studio Guest Cottage.
Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve            World Famous Beach and Snorkeling And Diving --- No Feeding of the Fish & Turtles Please!

View Reservations Calendar
The owner Milan Vacek  is in Honolulu right now
and can be reached on cell-phone:  +1
818 434 5633.

New Video "WalkThrough KokoKaiThaiPalace" Now Available For Viewing Here!

Please be sure to ...
Download the Owner`s 30-page GUIDE FOR RENTERS 

and read how and why he rents the KokoKaiThaiPalace the way he does, continuously
updated to show which calendar months are still available and what the "rates" are!

The Official Website of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve:

Unobstructed VIEW Of The Coastline All The Way To DIAMOND HEAD
Watch the Google Map in Full View On Your Computer - Click Here
!                  ALOHA 

http://www1.honolulu.gov/parks/facility/hanaumabay/information.htm    Living room on main floor of main house, prior to remodeling
There is no home, no structure of any kind, not even a public road between this home and the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve!
Overflow "infinity" feature of the Salt-Water Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi, with UV and Ozone Filtration! No Chlorine!         Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.
This is the awesome view of the coastline from the Separate Cottage!                Sweeping Coastline View from the Third-Floor MASTER BEDROOM

Marble-Stone Bath TUB in the Separate Cottage Bathroom                Double-Vanity of the Separate Cottage Bathroom  

Breakfast nook of the kitchen of the main house, with Cottage in rear.                   Ante-room of the Third-Floor Master Bedroom

Ground ("First") Floor Lobby  Refreshment Bar                                              Enjoy georgeous views of the ocean from totally private pool and jacuzzi!
Ground-floor lobby with unobstructed coastal views.                           Entrance Foyer with Fountain.
View from Master Bathroom of the Master Bedroom                     Separate Studio Cottage, with Bed that is now in MasterBedfroom

Kitchen, with the world's finest PowerWater ® R/O Water Filter!             Second-Floor Balcony --- Just a few steps across the living room from the kitchen!

Luxuriously fully-equipped kitchen, with dining area to left and rear.                          Dining Table with a wonderful view of the coastline

               TV-Room, looking to rear-entrance carved massive doors.           Kitchen, with bar and breakfast nook.

"Library"                                                                                             "Office", with Unlimited Ultra-Fast Free INTERNET.

 Settee area of Master Bedroom                                                        LIBRARY area with Hallway to TV-Room

This is the covered carved-wood walkway to the ... .....            ...... separate Guest Studio  Cottage ...,
Elevator - Second Floor of Main House                    Bathroom-near-TV-Room          One of Three Bedrooms on Second Floor
World-Famous Hanauma Bay                    Snorkelers having a ball!                            Master-Bedroom Jacuzzi Whirlpool
Live Coral Reefs and protected Green Turtles and Moray Eels of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.

The Official Website of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve:

Google map of the villa and the surrounding areas of Hawaii Kai:



View Reservations Calendar
The owner Milan Vacek  can be reached
on cell-phone:  +1
818 434 5633.

If you are interested in renting the KokoKaiThaiPalace
(also advertised by the owner Milan Vacek as www.AlohaPalace.com )

Please be sure to ...
Download the owner`s detailed .pdf Guide to potential renters called:
Kekaha photos-calendar-and-rates - click HERE!
and read how and why he rents the KokoKaiThaiPalace the way he does, continuously
updated to show which calendar months are still available and what the "rates" are!

See the relatively new Video "WalkThrough KokoKaiThaiPalace" Now Available For Viewing Here!

We welcome your inquiries about the possibility of renting this exceptional home for your unforgettable holiday for
relaxation, meditation, and just pure enjoyment!  Come enjoy swimming with the tame tropical coral fish and green turtles
which are all protected in this magical Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve!  Make your reservations early, we offer
a discount for early booking and extended stays.  Only available for non-smokers who truly appreciate the beauty of
this universe and are willing to leave their street shoes at the entrance to protect the imported (from Thailand) exotic 
wood floors!    Please send your e-mail inquiries  to:   Milan@Vacek.cz 

www.Vacek.cz      www.KokoKaiThaiPalace.com     www.Desiderata.cz


- High/Vaulted ceiling - Walk-in closet - Hardwood floor
- Tile floor - Family room - Living room
- Bonus/Rec room - Office/Den - Dining room
- Breakfast nook - Dishwasher - Refrigerator
- Stove/Oven - Microwave - Granite countertop
- Stainless steel appliances - Washer - Dryer
- Laundry area - inside - Balcony, Deck, or Patio - Swimming pool
- Jacuzzi/Whirlpool - Cable-ready - High-speed internet

RENTAL RATES  (Rental Rates quoted below are only very rough approximations,
this text discusses the rental rates only very generally and has not been updated
for several years, but the exact rental rates are shown in the "Rental Rates" section
of the owner`s own 27-page Guide for Renters which you can and should download
from this website, there are many links to the

In Low Season when rented for the entire month the rental rate per night can be as los as approximately
$ 399.00 Rental Rate Per Night Plus 13.962% Combined Tax Rate  (Possible lowest rate on a month-long rental) - 
up to a maximum nightly rate of around $ 1,500 USD  per night in high season particularly if you insist on staying
only one week or less, plus 13.962 % combined GE and TA Hawaii Accommodation Taxes, plus a 
$ 733.00. Cleaning Fee (cleaning fee includes applicable taxes), and  Renters Property Damage Protection
Insurance for just $ 99.00 USD which protects the renter from having to pay for the first up to $5,000.00 worth
of accidental damage to the rented property, as per conditions of the CSA Travel Insurance Company,
which can be purchased at the website:  www.PropertyDamageProtection.com by any renter who has
a residential street address in the USA, otherwise the coverage would not apply and they would have
to deposit at a minimum a $1,000.00 fully refundable Security Deposit by bank check (or cash) instead. . 

The rental rate (which does not include a total of 13.962% Hawaii Accommodations Taxes
and $733.- Cleaning Fees)  for the minimum two week rental is usually approximately: $ 9,330. -- $ 14,000, 
the rate for a one-month (30-day) rental is: $ 10,900. ---  $ 19,900. for the 30 - day rental,

depending on the season, for up to 20 adults, and depends on the length of stay, plus 13.962% Tax,
$ 732.98 Cleaning Fee, and a fully refundable $ 1,000.- Security Deposit (a higher deposit may be required
for high-profile celebrity renters such as Bruno Mars who deposited a $4,500. Security Deposit) . 
The Security Deposit requirement can in most cases be satisfied with an inexpensive
renters insurance policy costing only $ 99.00 USD, which most renters prefer, and the owner also prefers,
it is available through HomeAway, but must be purchased no more than six months prior to the check-in-date,
the CSA Travel Insurance Policy of Property Damage Protection ("PDP") can only be purchased online directly
by the named renter, who can pay for this insurance policy using a credit card, at
www.PropertyDamageProtection.com , so please check out the conditions on that website and please do inquire.
The above CSA Travel Insurance Company`s Property Damage Protection ("PDP") insurance policy however is
only available to (only covers) named renters who have a residence address somewhere in the USA, regardless
of whether they are or are not USA citizens or have a permanent resident status, so it the named renter does not
have a residence street address in the USA then the named renter will have to transfer at least the minimum
$1,000.- USD Security Deposit no later than 90 days prior to the check-in date, by wire-transfer, same as the
deposit and the balance payments, and the Security Deposit can be added to the Balance payment to save on
bank wire-transfer fees.
The above rates can vary depending on the dates,
with June (favorite wedding month), July, August, and Christmas/NewYears being the most sought-after and Z
thus more expensive, and also the rental rates also vary depending on the number of persons, how many
adults/children, and length of over-all stay, the longer you stay, the less you will pay per day, and even the Hawaii
combined tax that you will pay will drop from a combined rate of 13.962% to less than half, i.e.  to only
4.712%, but only when you rent my home for a long-term defined as at least six months (180 + days +) or longer. 
 If you do not require the rental of the entire three story home as well as the separate Studio Cottage please
let us know what your requirements are, depending on the owner` plans it might be possible to rent just the main
three story house without the Cottage,
  However, because it is not possible by law to rent any part of the main house and/or Separate GuestCottage to
more than one renter in any one 30-day minimum rental time period and because the owner has now upgraded
and created in effect his own completely self-contained mini-apartment from what used to be merely a storage
room located directly next to the carport the owner does not need to use any portion of the rest of the house
even if he should have time to spend in Honolulu unless he should have family members with him from Europe,
which is unlikely except in July or August, and so it is probably not a practical option to explore the rental of just
a portion of the house unless you are interested in a long-term rental of at least a month or longer, preferably
six months or more, in which case by all means please do inquire!
Please note that due to the law making it impossible to rent more than once in any one 30-day period, rental requests
for physical presence shorter than one week will not be considered, unless the renter is willing to pay the same rental
rate as for at least a two week physical rental, and most of the year only requests for rentals of at
least two weeks will receive serious considerations, with three or  four-week accommodations requests being
strongly preferred.

This is the link to the RESERVATIONS CALENDAR
as maintained up to date on HomeAway.com:
View Reservations Calendar

Minimum stay requirements apply.  

Cooperation with established home rental agencies is possible.

Due to the "30-day law" that prevents homes in the exclusive Hawaii Kai residential neighborhood from being rented
more than just once in any 30-day period and the many fixed costs of ownership and maintenance in top condition
of a home such as this including the insurance and utility bills and the mortgage and pool-cleaning and yard-service
and interent and Cable TV and the exclusive rental agency commissions it is simply not possible to rent the house
for less than a minimum of  at least two weeks  Rentals of one month or even a year or longer are preferred. 
However, to accommodate potential renters who simply cannot stay that long and yet want to rent this magnificent home
for some special occasion such as a wedding or an anniversary or birthday celebration we can take reservations
for a physical presence of a shorter stay, however the rental cost will be almost equivalent to the amount charged for
the longer minimum stay, because there are many fixed expenses of ownership of such a magnificent home. 
We thank you for your understanding and welcome all your inquiries.  If you should by accident not receive a prompt
reply it may have gotten "lost" in the electronic mail and so you are welcome to resend the e-mail once again,
with an exclamation mark  or something like that  indicating urgency and requesting confirmation that the owner
has opened and read it, in fact we recommend that you do that even on the first attempted communication,
to avoid the chance of your e-mail accidentally getting overlooked among the hundreds of mostly spams
that arrive by e-mail every day. . If you are really seriously interested in renting the Palace you should always
follow up your e-mail with a phone call to Milan or at least a text message to his cellphone so that he will be
aware that you have send an e-mail to him, otherwise with the hundreds of e-mails arriving in his e-mail box
each day it may take hours or days before he discovers your e-mail among all the hundreds of
mostly spam e-mails.
Please check out our most up to date rental prices and special offers on our presentation on
www.HomeAway.com   (You will find the KokoKaiThaiPalace listed there as property ID # 939401 )
using the direct
link to our always up-to-date Reservations-Calendar at the following link:

View Reservations Calendar

and of course it is possible to rent for any number of days that suits your schedule with the beginning
and ending day of your stay being flexible as long as the dates are available and not in conflict with
any other booking, With Saturday arrival and departure being the most common but perhaps the most
convenient days to travel and arrive/depart are different, no problem, whatever suits your needs as long
as those dates are availalbe, just let us know. 
The AlohaPalace.com Is Now  Even Better Furnished!!  Greater Sleeping Capacity And Comfort!!

    The security deposit requirement can in almost all cases be satisfied with an
inexpensive renters insurance costing only $ 99.00 USD which covers up to
$5,000.- USD of accidental damage by renter to the owner`s covered property, so  please inquire.

    The prices are also somewhat flexible depending on how many persons are in your group and on the ages
of any children in the group.

   The separate entry Cottage cannot be rented separately to anyone else when the main house
is rented for the entire 30-day minimum rental period that each renter gets assigned by law whether or not
the renters actually need or do physically occupy the house for the entire 30 days.

Now that the owner has upgraded the totally separate entry former storage room next to the carport
which has a totally separate entrance directly from the driveway and no connecting doors or windows
with any view of the main house where the owner can stay as your housekeeper most
of the time that he is in Hawaii he does not really need to use the Guest Cottage anyway, so it is only
a possible benefit to him if some family members from Europe may wish to visit Hawaii.

     There are now six New 3D Flat TV's With All Premium Cable TV Channels  And a FREE to Renters Land Line
with Unlimited Local and USA Calling now has land-line phone-jacks installed in all the bedrooms of the home
eliminating your need to keep your cell-phones turned on just to receive calls from your relatives and friends.
Reverse/Osmosis Water Filter System In Kitchen For  Better Than Bottled Water Quality and No Need To Buy
Bottled Watter!  Ecological & FREE to use by the renters!
Unlimited VERY FAST WIFI And Ethernet Cable Internet FREE!   New Cat-6 Cable Internet Cables have been
added to every bedroom in the house allowing renters to not have to turn on the WIFI feature of the internet
modem if they wish to avoid unnecessary radiation and still enjoy the convenience of very fast and free internet.
Color Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax and Computer Tables and Electric Massage Chair FREE to use by renters !
Please be sure to contact directly the Owner of the KokoKaiThaiPalace villa:  Milan Vacek
No agent is authorized to accept reservations or to take any deposits!

View Reservations Calendar

Contact the owner Milan Vacek directly at:
+1 818 434 5633 anytime 24/7. 
Do not worry about what time of day you dall  because if the owner is sleeping the phone will be in the "silent" mode and
you will be able to record ¨a voice-mail on the i-phone cell-phone and the owner will contact you as soon as possible. 

     if when you call the above cell-phone number you do not reach Milan Vacek
because he is perhaps snorkeling in his favorite Hanauma Bay please be sure
to leave a voice-mail message with your contact information, or send an SMS
TEXT Message. or an e-mail. 

I recommend that you always check the Reservations Calendar on www.HomeAway.com
which takes you directly to the presentation of my house on that portal, and do not worry,
so long as you pay for your rental by e-check or bank transfer my "platinum" listing on
HomeAway.com make it possible not to have to pay any commissions to HomeAway.com
or anyone else even if you make your reservation through the link on HomeAway.com or
any of their sister websites in the USA and abroad. 

View Reservations Calendar

If you are interested in renting the KokoKaiThaiPalace
(also advertised by the owner Milan Vacek also as www.AlohaPalace.com )

Please be sure to ...

Download the owner`s detailed .pdf Guide to potential renters called:
Kekaha photos-calendar-and-rates - click HERE!
and read how and why he rents the KokoKaiThaiPalace the way he does, continuously
updated to show which calendar months are still available and what the "rates" are!

New Video "WalkThrough KokoKaiThaiPalace" Now Available For Viewing Here!

This is the link to the RESERVATIONS CALENDAR
as maintained up to date on HomeAway.com:
View Reservations Calendar

The owner Milan Vacek can be reached
on his cell-phone at:  +1
818 434 5633.

Sunset photos taken from the KokoKaiThaiPalace
by Milan Vacek


If you are interested in renting the KokoKaiThaiPalace
(also advertised by the owner Milan Vacek as www.AlohaPalace.com )

Please be sure to ...
Download the owner`s detailed .pdf Guide to potential renters called:
and read how and why he rents the KokoKaiThaiPalace the way he does, continuously
updated to show which calendar months are still available and what the "rates" are!

New Video "WalkThrough KokoKaiThaiPalace"
Now Available For Viewing Here!

MORE PHOTOS --- as of October 7, 2016 ...

due to technical difficulties with this outdated Frontpage 2003 website the owner
(who is not an IT expert ...) has resorted to posting the new mostly high resolution
(and some old but remarkable ...)  photos on his very personal but also very outdated
website www.MilanVacek.com where you will find his favorite mantra the poem
Desiderata and at the end (bottom) of the "indes" page you will find many additional
photos which will be used by a professional webmaking company to make a new
modern fully funcitional website www.AlohaPalace.com hopefully in a few weeks`
time, so please go to:

or if it should work better click here:
To see many additional  photos fof the rental home
in Honolulu known as the KokoKaiThaiPalace
- the  www.KokoKaiThaiPalace.com 
(aka www.AlohaPalace.com  )
the photos are placed here only temporarily ...
until the AlohaPalace.com website
is re-created using latest programs ...

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